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Traveling to Maryland?
Don't miss the sites on the Lower Eastern Shore!

The Lower Shore is a great place to visit, work and live!

Check out property for sale on the Lower Shore.

Click here to see links to many of the Lower Shore Area attractions and places of interest.


Did you know ..... 
that the first Presbyterian community in the western world was founded on the Lower Shore?

Irishman, Francis Makemie founded the first Presbyterian  community in Snow Hill, Maryland in 1683, built the first Presbyterian church building in Rehoboth (MD) and eventually settled in Accomack (VA).




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Who's Who at lowershore.net?

Lowershore.net is a family owned marketing and website design business, that operates out of the town of Marion Station in Somerset County, Maryland.  

Lowershore.net's staff includes a cluster of contract professionals including attorneys, writers, web developers, graphic artists, and marketing specialists that assist in all areas of service.  Currently, lowershore.net retains the outside services of over twenty marketing and advertising specialists - all based on the Lower Shore.


Oyster Shells on Deal Island Shore
Oyster Shells on Deal Island shore

   Snow Hill by Mindie Burgoyne
Snow Hill
by Mindie Burgoyne
Order your copy today.




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