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Have you ever wished you could get that Administrative Assistant in your office to balance her office work and personal activities a little better?

Is your workplace often full of tension with conflicts that seldom get resolved?

Do you wish your Managers could organize their time a little better?

Do you long to become a better leader, better sales person, more efficient manager?


Consider one of lowershore.net's Training and Development Workshops.  All instructors are professional trainers.  All workshops attendees receive certification.

Workshops range from one morning (two hours) to a weekend retreat, and can be custom fit for your company's schedule. 

Call us today for more information.  
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Business Development Resources from lowershore.net

Are you looking for a marketing strategy that will propel you past  your competition and make your business the FIRST recognized in your industry?

There are numerous business opportunities in the growing communities on the Lower Shore.  lowershore.net can provide help for young entrepreneurs, small business start ups and established companies who want to grow.  Let us help you market your business.

lowershore.net provides:


Targeted Marketing Strategies, based on market studies specific to your industry and area.


Custom designed logos


Marketing materials (brochures, business cards, websites, direct mail flyers, signs, ad copy, ad design etc.)


Comprehensive marketing plans including advertising agent representation  (lowershore.net serves as an ad agency capable of negotiating multiple contracts with local media outlets)


Access to the Lower Shore Network of Business Owners.


The lowershore.net Business Network

Being a lowershore.net client automatically enrolls you as a partner in the lowershore.net Business Network.  Share ideas, innovations, challenges and solutions with other businesses and organizations who are all helping each other grow. 


Lowershore.net offers many services to Real Estate Agents and Brokers including web site development, target marketing through the internet, Agent personal websites, Customized Sales Presentation packages, advertisement design, logos, postcards and tri-fold brochures.   Special offers to Real Estate Professionals include:

bulletAgent personal websites with current MLS listings brought directly through the site  so there is no need for daily / weekly updates.
bulletWebsites with response forms to maximize feedback from potential clients.  (see sample)
bulletHouse For Sale Websites - highlight that special property and exposes it to millions of internet visitors for a one time cost.


For More information check our REAL ESTATE MARKETING page.


Does your staff need training or development?

lowershore.net, retains the services of professional trainers who can provide training workshops in the following areas.  Each area lists workshops that can be presented individually or combined into a full day (or several-day) workshop. 

All workshops include class materials, handouts, a full syllabus in advance, and certification with certificate presented.

Please inquire for further information about instructors and content (410) 623-2193.


Management Training - Building a Winning Team, Learning to Affirm and Correct, Staying Positive in a Negative World, Organization for Managers, Measuring Productivity, Setting, Tracking and Achieving Goals, Becoming a Leader.


Personal Power for Women - This workshop (4 -6 hours) gives women detailed specifics on developing personal power in the workplace, at home and in the general public.  Covers communication skills, personal appearance, body language and self confidence development.  Complete with handouts and workbook. 


Customer Service Training Information - Customers  = Dollars!  Treat them right, make them increase!  Dealing with Difficult People and Staying Sane, Communication Etiquette (personal, phone, written, email)


Sales Training and Sales Management Training - Relationship Selling, Building a Winning Sales Team, Organization Tips for Sales Managers, Maximizing Revenue Through Building Synergy.


Leadership Training - Affirmation and Corrective Feedback - How to Deliver, The Difference Between a Manager and a Leader, Articulating Vision, Building Consensus, 


Conflict Resolution - Creating a "low-conflict" environment,  Resolution Practices in the Office Arena, Resolving Conflict with Clients and Customers, Resolving Conflict UP the Corporate Ladder.


Orientation Training - Session designed to integrate new hires into your corporate culture developing an understanding about what the company does, its vision, goals, policies, procedures and how they fit in.  


Software Application Training - Training one on one or in groups on software applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and Access), Internet training and website maintenance.  We can assist those who have no computer skills or understanding as well as those who have good skills but need to learn a particular application quickly.  We will come to YOU!

All courses are put on by qualified professional trainers and come complete with class materials, manuals / workbooks and certification.  For more information on Training sessions, curriculum and cost, please email us for a brochure.

Interested in starting up a business on the Lower Shore?

Let lowershore.net help you get your business up and running.  We provide consult on all start-up aspects - legal, administrative, staffing and management issues.  We will provide you with - or assist you in compiling a business plan.

lowershore.net has connections with commercial real estate owners, local municipalities and press outlets.  We can also help with initial paperwork, form filings, licensing and press releases.

Do you need to broaden your exposure and BRAND your product or service?

lowershore.net has marketing professionals that will help you with "branding" you product or service.  We also provide consultation on how to broaden exposure to your product or service and expand your network of contacts.

The first consultation is FREE.  Subsequent consultations are billed according to hours spent plus expenses incurred.  Hourly rate is $50 per hour.  Workshops have a set fee ranging from $200 to $1200.

Please call us for more information (410) 623-2193 or email us with your specific questions.


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