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Business Writing for hire.

Does business writing hold up your progress?

So many businesses find it difficult to provide solid text writing for a variety of document ranging from a simple letter to newsletters, simple legal documents, ad copy, website text brochure design, press releases, grant writing and grant proposals.  

Perhaps your staff is quite adequate for the day to day writing tasks, but when something special comes up - such as writing the text to an ad or a letter that must have a persuasive slant - business owners tend to put the project on hold or simply get by with less than the best text writing.

lowershore.net offers a wide array of services in business writing. 


Business letter writing - when your business letter has to have punch!


Newsletters - monthly or quarterly.  Includes layout, design, headers and text writing.  Can be a simple one page / one side, or up to 12 pages on ledger size paper.  Special discounts for repeat work.


Legal Documents - we have a team of attorneys that will draft simple legal documents such as Articles of Incorporation, corporate minutes, rental agreements, bills of sale, simple contracts, trade documents and trustee assignments.


Ad Copy - text for your ads or brochures.. can include layout and graphics according to specified dimensions or the text alone.


Website Text -  text for website about to be created or additional or adjusted text for existing websites.  


Informational and Promotional Brochures - text for Tri-fold or single sheet brochures with information about your business, services or promotions. Also can produce coupons, door hangers, flyers and posters.


Press Releases - we will write the press release and forward it via email to the media outlets you request.


Grant Proposals - for municipalities, county government, state agencies and all non-profits.  We retain the services of several excellent grant writers with proven track records.


Promotional Articles - for those businesses that need articles written for local newspapers, magazines and other print media. 




Letters $50 an up
Newsletters $75 and up (depending on pages)
Legal Docs $50 and up
Ad Copy $150 per 1/4  page ad (includes graphics and layout - may be reused)
Website Text $50 per hour
Brochures $125 for tri-fold other items based on hourly rate of $50 per hour
Articles of Incorporation $225
Press Releases $75 per release  (one page)
Grant Proposals  $20 per hour
Promotional Articles based on hourly rate of $50 per hour.  1000 word article generally takes 2 hours.
Other pricing packages available.  All prices can be negotiated.  Please call us for more information.  (410) 623-2193

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Salt Marsh near Rumbly Point - Crisfield area
Salt Marsh near Rumbly Point - Crisfield area


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