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Eastern Shore Real Estate News is a FREE internet newsletter offering information on current Internet Marketing real estate trends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


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Eastern Shore Real Estate News - Tips and Trends
Distributed by lowershore.net   


  1. Latest Visitor Stats for houseforsaleeasternshore listing site
    How successful is this site?

  2. The latest trends in real estate marketing using the Internet. Statistics quoted from the New York Times

  3. Article by Wanda Loskot of SaneMarketing.com "There's NO competition for a REAL Estate Professional


New listing added to HouseForSaleEasternShore website.
Littleton Long House, historic house in Princess Anne, Somerset
County has been added to the site.  Listing Agent is Alice Fisher
from the Long and Foster Salisbury office.

Site can be viewed at


The unique website - House for Sale Eastern Shore - was launched on
December 12, 2003.  As of today, January 27, 2006 the site web visitor statistics for the previous
30 days are as follows:

9258 unique visitors
35,734 pages viewed

Lowershore.net, the owner and manager of the site advertises the site
on google.com and several other major search engines.  To date it is
receiving high ranks in the search engines which are jammed with real
estate sites. 

The google.com search engine powers over 70% of all worldwide searches
on the internet.  Recently, the page received a google page ranking of
5 out of 10 which is remarkable for a site to achieve in its first 30 days.

What does all that mean??  Basically, the world of real estate is highly
competitive on the internet.  For example, if you go to google.com if you search the simple phrase …

houses for sale on eastern shore maryland

… in the google.com search engine, reports that it has over 683,000  indexed pages with those words found.  House for Sale Eastern Shore ranked #4 - with no paid advertising. Most Internet users won't look past the first ten.  How much would a realtor or seller pay to be in the top five named sites when searching such a simple string?

Do you have a historic house for sale?

Take a look at our Historic House For Sale directory featuring historic houses that are located on the Eastern Shore that are currently for sale.

Test that search in google.com by typing in the words Historic House for Sale. Out of 11,200,000 indexed pages that have those same four words, our site is featured twice in the top ten.

Lowershore.net has three house for sale directories.

House for Sale Eastern Shore - General house listings

Historic House For Sale - Historic Houses for sale

Lower Shore Homes - Luxury and waterfront homes for sale.



EASTERN SHORE WEBSITE?  Your listing will have its own 5 page website
with images, room specifications, detailed description of special features
and more.

Cost is $299 to build the site and for three months of hosting.  Listing agent name and Photo along with real estate logo will also be pictured. 
Visit http://www.lowershore.net/houseforsalewebs.htm  for more info.


by Mindie Burgoyne


According to the 2000 National Association of Realtors Profile
of Home Buyers and Sellers Survey two-thirds of home buyers
expect to use the Internet in their next home purchase! That
number is expected to rise to 80% by 2005.

Fortune Magazine reports that the top three commercial industries
dominating the internet are technology, real estate and travel - in that order.

The New York Times April 7, 2003 reported:

“Real estate brokers are seriously looking at Internet marketing in a
way they never did before, and their timing is extremely good," said
Blanche Evans, editor of Realty Times, an Internet news service
that follows the residential real estate market. Their customers
are online more than ever.


Analysts said very few people actually buy their homes online, but according to the National Association of Realtors, the trade group for brokers and agents, 41% of consumers last year used the internet to research homes before making a purchase - equal to the number of percentage of consumers using newspapers for that purpose.  The number of online shoppers expected to rise significantly when the association releases new statistics."


Internet site Realtor.com gives the following statistics from those site users they surveyed. 

Actions taken as result of using Internet site:

      Visited a home viewed online - 72%
     Found agent used to search/buy home - 18%

Information Sources Used in Home Search

            Real estate agent 86%
          Yard sign 69%
          Internet 65%
          Newspaper 49%
          Home book/magazine 35%
            Open house 48 %
            Builders 37%
            Television 22%
            Relocation company 14%

Internet use in searching for homes is the third highest form of search placing behind "real estate agent" and "yard sign".

These statistics should be enough to have every real estate agent actively looking for ways to market on the internet.  But so few do and even fewer are successful.


Though I am not a real estate professional, I know a little bit about how websites increase productivity for small businesses.  Most agents I've spoken to equate websites to advertising... There lies the mistake.

An advertisement is a quick attraction that induces a prospective buyer to seek out the seller and find out more.  For lower priced items, an advertisement can produce quick sales.  This is not the purpose of a real estate website, nor is it viewed as such by real estate professionals that are markedly increasing sales through use of marketing themselves and their listings on the internet.

A website is simply a tool - owned by you - the agent.  You don't own your advertisements - the advertiser owns them, produces them and determines when they will begin, end and where they will appear.  A website is something you control and is an ongoing tool used for communication with potential buyers.  If you don't use it as often as you use your telephone, it won't work.

In my opinion, a static website that sits unchanged on the internet, waiting for web visitors to click away - is useless and a waste of money. An incomplete site or one with errors and slow loads – loses money.

Next month our Eastern Shore Real Estate - Tips and Trends newsletter will feature ways to make your website work for you.  In the meantime, feel free to call us at lowershore.net for a free chat about internet marketing success in real estate.

lowershore.net - 410-623-2193:  ask for Mindie.


ARTICLE BY WANDA LOSKOT - former Top Real Estate Broker turned business
developer and trainer; owner of SaneMarketing.com

How to get more leads from your website.

In this article Wanda explains in four easy steps how to use your website as a "lead generating machine."  The article includes ideas for offers and even has a link for a FREE, online marketing mini-course.

"Are you disappointed about your web site? You are not alone. Although so many realtors already are on the Internet, a vast majority of real estate web sites don't bring any results.


Because they are designed to impress rather than to generate contacts. And on the Internet real estate sales is STILL the contact sport. No people contacting you = no people in your pipeline. And that means no transactions.

Here is a simple formula for getting more leads from your web site. I can guarantee that getting more leads will help you close more sales"

For full article go to:


Got a question or comment?  We welcome your feedback.  Please
direct all comments and questions to Mindie.  Comments will be published in next newsletter.

Eastern Shore Real Estate - Tips and Trends is designed and distributed by lowershore.net,  a Maryland Business Development Company specializing in web design, internet marketing, promotion and public relations.


This newsletter is copyrighted © by lowershore.net 2004. All Rights Reserved.
Text from Wanda Loskot article copyrighted by Wanda Loskot
and Sources Connection, 2003.



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