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House for Sale Websites

A Real Estate Marketing Tool for Agents, Brokers and For Sale By Owners

Lowershore.net designs website that sell houses - a five page website that features an in-depth view of your listed property.

National Association of RealtorsMore buyers use the Internet over newspapers!
According to the National Association of Realtors 2003 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2003 was the first time in real estate marketing history that more buyers have turned to the Internet than their local newspapers to find a home. Two-thirds of homebuyers in the first half of 2003 used the Internet to search for a home while only 49 percent of buyers reported using newspapers.

Today ....
93% of home buyers are looking at the Internet to find a home and search out information on potential locations and neighborhoods.

People want more!
While there are many real estate directories on line that provide listings of homes for sale, potential home buyers - especially those relocating - want more than an "out-of-focus" thumbnail view and scant description of a property.

Lowershore.net offers House for Sale Websites

Our House For Sale directory www.houseforsaleeasternshore.com was recently mentioned in The New York Times!  The directory received over 22,000 visitors in the following 3 days.

  Special offer through May 31, 2008
  Buy 2 House for Sale sites for $448
  That's a $150 savings!

House For Sale Websites by lowershore.net What if you had a five page real estate website for your listing that highlighted all the fine details of the home you want to sell?

What if that website scored high in the major search engines when buyers searched "houses for sale on the Eastern Shore"?

How many more buyers would be compelled to view a house if they knew more about its special features, landscape, location and history?


Cost for one
House for Sale Website

In its first two months
House For Sale Eastern Shore has received over 428,000 hits from 38 states and 22 countries and been featured in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times.

Currently each month House For Sale Eastern Shore receives:

  1. 128,000 pages loaded
  2. over 70,000 unique visitors


Governors Mansion Website - Snow Hill, MD Waterfront Home for Sale in Somerset CountyCommercial Property - Web Site - Snow Hill Inn - Worcester county Trinity Parsonage for Sale in Somerset County  
Your House For Sale Website will be hosted on one of three domains
House For Sale Eastern Shore - All Listings Page House For Sale Eastern Shore (all houses are listed)

Features Listings of all houses in our database.  Includes Luxury, Waterfront, Historic, Historic Victorian, Lots, Acreage, Contemporary, Custom-built, Condominiums, Farms and Mobile Homes for Sale on the Lower Eastern Shore.
Lower Shore Homes - House For Sale Directory - Luxury and Waterfront Lower Shore Homes  (waterfront, custom-built, luxury)

Features Luxury homes for sale, Contemporary Houses, Custom-Built Houses, Waterfront and Water-view Houses for Sale

Historic House For Sale - Old Homes for Sale Historic House Fore Sale (historic houses)

Features Listings of Historic Houses, Victorian Homes, Houses in Historic Districts and Homes in Historic Towns.


Each House For Sale website has five pages:
  1. Home Page - overall feature information
  2. Lot and Landscape - information on the lot size, plant material and landscape features
  3. Rooms Gallery - detailed information on rooms and special features
  4. Area - description of the community, amenities, culture and lifestyle
  5. Contact Page - full contact information including brokerage logo and directions.

The site will include:

bulletPhotos of the house's interior, exterior and lot
bulletPrice, realtor / owner contact info
bulletLink to realtor's website and realtor logo
bulletWill feature a page each on house, lot, rooms, area, contact
bulletWill be hosted by lowershore.net for no additional fee


A House For Sale Website costs less than a half page in the Real Estate Guide and  is available globally to millions of buyers - 24 / 7 for as long as the listing runs.
Give more power to your current marketing initiatives

For a fraction of the cost of major space advertising, a House for Sale Website can complement an empower your space advertising and online marketing.

Include the web address on all print ads
Add the web address to your real estate website
Include the web address in your realtor.com and online MLS listings
Print web address on all flyers and brochures

Buyers finding your listing will find the House For Sale web address and be able to see more details that will pique their interest and compel them to view the home.


Want to know more?

Email us for more information or call Lowershore.net at 410.403.6730

Visit our House For Sale websites at:



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