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Snow Hill by Mindie Burgoyne
Snow Hill
by Mindie Burgoyne
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Famous African Americans born  on the Lower Shore.

The First African American to be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame 

The organizer of the Underground Railroad

The Father of Gospel music and the composer of a hymn which became the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement.


Colonial Houses 

Click here to see photos of several Colonial Houses on the Lower Shore of Maryland.


"Chickens R Us"

The Lower Eastern Shore is one of the largest chicken producing areas in the world.  Click here for more info.



















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The Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia

MD - Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester County
VA - Accomack and Northampton County

Rich in Culture and Heritage

Accohannock Indian Dancer - Pow Wow, Marion StaionThe Lower Eastern Shore had Native American inhabitants up through the nineteenth century.  English settlers arrived in the seventeenth century.  The co-habitation of both cultures is recorded as one of the most non-violent in the colonies. 

The Quindocqua Indians (part of the Pocomoke tribe or the Nanticoke Clan of the Algonquin Nation)  in Somerset County remained in the Marion area up through the late eighteenth century when a hurricane wiped out their village and hunting grounds.  Like so many tribes, they migrated south and west to join other re-located tribes, as the English settlers had claimed ownership of much of the land on the Lower Shore

The fertile ground and numerous waterways throughout the Lower Shore brought prosperity to settlers through farming and trade.  Small Towns sprouted up along the waterways, residential communities with unique dwellings were developed, governments were formed and local families grew. 

Family names such as Stevenson, Somers, Tyler, Evans, Gunby, Purnell, Waters, Morris, Martin, Cropper, Bishop, Dennis, Miles, Coulbourne, Bradshaw, Pruitt, Crockett, Townsend, Hall, Tilghman, Goldsborough, Mason and Payne can be traced back to the colonial settlers and are still prevalent today on the Lower Eastern Shore.

The cultures of the Native Americans and Anglo Settlers, combined with the ecological terrain, have woven together a character that has made the Lower Eastern Shore a unique treasure in American Heritage, unrepeated and unparalleled anywhere else in the nation.

map Eastern Shore Maryland

Where is the Lower Shore?

That strip of land that rests on the Eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay is commonly referred to as The Eastern Shore.  It is comprised of three states - Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and often called the DelMarVa Peninsula

The "Lower Shore" refers to the southern part of that peninsula, specifically four counties in Maryland - Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester -  and two in Virginia - Accomack and Northampton..


A visitor (or even a local resident) could spend weeks traveling the Lower Shore and still not experience all of the attractions, culture, rural heritage and ecological wonders that exist.  The Lower Shore is a place the visitor should return to again and again.  The landscape is ever changing, the attraction always increasing, and the interpretation of the Shore's culture and history grows richer with each visit..  

Whether you love the beach, the ocean, shopping, exquisite lodging, great Eastern Shore food (including our famous oysters and crabs), fantastic scenery and wildlife, panoramic views of the sun rising and setting, history, archeology or charm of the native folks, the Lower Eastern Shore will satisfy your hunger in one of the most relaxing atmospheres found in America.

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       Rumbly  Point - Last home of the Quindocqua Indians

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