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Video Business Cards

Have you ever wished you could leave something behind with a potential client that would "keep selling them" in your absence?

Lowershore.net now has available Video Business Cards.

We will put a 30 to 90 second multimedia presentation (including sound, photos, text and video) on a "mini" CD that will play in any CD-Rom drive.  We'll include a label with your logo.

The client pops the mini CD into their computer and your multimedia presentation immediately launches.  They can review it as often as they like or share it with other decision makers.


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Listed in the Marketingtool.com Salisbury, Maryland Marketingtool.com Directory!

Marketing and Public Relations Services
Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Advertising Plans, PR Services, Press Releases, Publicity, Marketing Materials, Events, Mailing Lists, Newsletters, Marketing Post Cards, Press Conferences, Business Cards, Brochures, Custom Logo Designs, Customized Marketing Plan.

Lowershore.net has a team of marking specialist, public relations experts and web site developers that can help you grow and improve on a marketing strategy for your business.  Serving the communities of the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, lowershore.net has an endless arsenal of ideas and innovations to propel your company forward.

Services include:


Web Design and Development - lowershore.net can build a website to suit your needs, improve and existing website or finish a partially completed site.  Check out our packages.  Websites today are like the telephone of yesterday.  50% of all potential clients search the web for services and products before reaching for the phone book or print advertising. A presence on the web is key to the success of all business marketing.  (read Does My Business Really need a Website?)

Marketing strategy consultation -
Are you spending advertising dollars sporadically? 
Do your advertising and marketing efforts have a specific purpose with a budget? 
Are the results of your efforts traceable?

Let lowershore.net help you develop a strategy that works for your company's goals, within the constraints of your marketing budget.  Invest $400 in one day and reap thousands of dollars worth of benefits, relieving yourself of the burden of daily marketing worries.


Tri-Fold Brochures - two-sided tri-fold brochures, custom designed with your logo and ready for mailing can be a powerful marketing tool.  lowershore.net can create the tri-fold in any format suitable for local printers.  We can also negotiate good deals on the printing. (printing charges are separate).


Business Cards - custom designed - lowershore.net has one of the most affordable options for business cards.  We will custom design the card in four colors and have them printed and shipped directly to you.  Cards are on 40lb stock and professionally set and cut at a printer.  Prices for 250 custom, 4 color cards start at $40.


Logo Design - Still looking for a professional logo?  lowershore.net's graphic artists can custom design a logo for your company in a format usable with any printer or advertising agency.  Prices start at $250 and satisfaction is guaranteed!


Ad creation and sales representation - lowershore.net has relationships with outlets in broadcasting media, print media and web media.  We can negotiate a good price and build the ad to suit your needs.


Brochures and Newsletters - let us create a promotional brochure or monthly client / customer newsletter.  You give us the content and we provide a professional layout.  Newsletters can be anywhere from one page - front and back to multiple pages (your choice).  They will be ready for mailing, complete with your logo, return address and bar code.   SEE SAMPLES OF BUSINESS ARTICLES for ezine and newsletter content.


Promotional items - lowershore.net has partnered with companies that can provide promotional banners, postcards, business cards, store signs, auto signs, bumper stickers, mugs, shirts and more.  We can get the best price because we order from these vendors in volume.


Video Business Cards - NEW! - multi-media presentations, designed exclusively for your business that are recorded onto "mini" CDs.  Full presentation lasts for 30 to 90 seconds and includes photos, text, FLASH and sound.  The perfect sales tool to leave behind for a potential client to review in your absence and share with other decision makers.  Each mini CD is labeled with your company's logo.


Target Marketing - One full day - lowershore.net will spend an entire day searching the web and investigating your competitors to see what outside sites would help drive more traffic to your site.  We will ask on your behalf (and with your approval) about reciprocal links, directory listings and inclusion in appropriate calendar and sponsor lists.  This will increase traffic to your site and maximize your exposure to those who use the internet. 

Check our Pricing Page for pricing structure.

Call us for a free marketing consultation  (410) 623-2193

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Worcester County Farm - Snow Hill area
Worcester County Farm - Snow Hill area


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