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Eastern Shore Real Estate News - Tips and Trends

Real Estate Ezine Newsletter

Eastern Shore Real Estate News is a FREE internet newsletter offering information on internet marketing, current real estate trends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Content includes:

bulletAnnouncements on current real estate trends
bulletArticles from nationally syndicated real estate columnists
bulletFeatured Area listings
bulletProfile of a featured "Real Estate Professional" on the Lower Shore
bulletTips on Real Estate Marketing using the Internet
bulletBuyers Feedback - What are they looking for?

PRIVACY - Lowershore.net does NOT share email addresses from this list with anyone - EVER.  The email addresses submitted for this electronic newsletter are used solely for the purpose of distributing the newsletter with no other purpose.

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Volume I - I
  1. Latest Visitor Stats for houseforsaleeasternshore listing site
    How successful is this site?

  2. The latest trends in real estate marketing using the Internet. Statistics quoted from the New York Times

  3. Article by Wanda Loskot of SaneMarketing.com "There's NO competition for a REAL Estate Professional

Volume I - 2
  1. New Listings added to House for Sale Eastern Shore website.
  2. Lowershorehome.com is launched - new Real Estate Site
  3. Internet Marketing vs. Print Advertising by Mindie Burgoyne
  4. The Sorry State of Internet Listings - by Blanche Evans of Realty Times
  5. New Real Estate Agent and Agency websites launched
  6. Are You Taking Care of Your Golden Geese? - by Wanda Loskot
  7. Inspiration
Volume I - 3
  1. House For Sale Eastern Shore hits New York Times
  2. Common Mistakes in building Real Estate Websites
  3. A Few Words from Ed Smith of Ed Smith Real Estate School
  4. New Real Estate Agent and Agency websites launched
  5. How to get more Leads from your Website - by Wanda Loskot
  6. Inspiration


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