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Pocomoke City in Worcester County
"The Friendliest Town on the Eastern Shore"

Market Street in Pocomoke City - Town View Postcard

The History

Settled in the 1600's on the banks of the Great Pocomoke River, this town was originally known as Steven's Ferry after the ferry that crossed the Pocomoke River transporting tobacco and other goods.  In 1865, the Town was incorporated as New Town.  A trading center, tavern, shipyard and shops grew up around the original ferry landing.  In 1878 the Town was again incorporated this time as Pocomoke.  It soon became a thriving center of population and the largest community in the area.

By the early 1900's ship building was the largest industry in Pocomoke with furs, whiskey and tobacco finding their way via the Pocomoke River (the deepest and most scenic river in Maryland) to ports in Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia.

The Great Pocomoke River - most scenic river in Maryland


The Pocomoke Area

While the Pocomoke River originally provided a means of transportation, it is treasured today more as an unspoiled scenic waterway and for the recreational opportunities it offers. Its surrounding wetlands serve as a sanctuary for many species of birds and waterfowl. A two-mile nature and exercise trail (right) begins at Cypress Park on the river near the downtown area and winds around 8-acre Stevensonís Pond. Other facilities of interest along the river include Winter Quarters Municipal Golf Course and two city boat ramps.

Pocomoke City Today

Today, Pocomoke has a population of over 4000 residents, one of the larger municipalities on the Lower Shore.  It is also a large commercial hub having an industrial center, retail outlets, cultural centers with its historic downtown, museums and scenic waterfront that includes a drawbridge, cycling and walking trails, parks and public docking facilities

Pocomoke's location at the intersection of Routes 13 and 113 establishes the town as the business center for the surrounding area. The 98-acre Pocomoke City Industrial Park is the home of Benelli (shotguns), Beretta USA (handguns), Bel-Art (plastics), AquaMar (aquaculture), Mid-Atlantic Foods (seafood products), Ricca Chemical Co., and others. The town offers stores and services along Route 13 and in its beautiful downtown shopping district near the river. Housing choices range from single family homes to retirement apartments in neighborhoods as diverse as new subdivisions and quaint historic districts.


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