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Professional web design is key to a small business' success.

"Customers and other people who come in contact with your business expect to find reputable businesses on the Web, so don't risk your credibility by not being present."
Home Business Magazine
October 2003


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Lowershore.net is a Maryland Web Design and Marketing Company serving small businesses and professionals statewide and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

Professional Web Design.
Lowershore.net - a Maryland web design and marketing company.

Web Design by Lowershore.net - a Maryland web design and Marketing companyNeed a Website?

Lowershore.net provides professional web design, and marketing services customized to the client's needs and their target market.

Read "Does Your Business Really Need a Website?'

One of the most important marketing tools every company needs is a website marketing strategy with an professional web design. 

A website is essential for visibility, promotional power and marketability, and general communication with the outside world.

Does your competitor have a web site?  Remember, not all websites are created equal.  Most of the power in a website lies in areas you never view on the web.  lowershore.net has capable web developers who build your website so that it will be seen by the major search engines. 

Whether it's just one web page that tells a little about your product or service (On-line brochure), or a series of pages that details who you are and what you offer (Small Business Website), or an E-Commerce  site - all companies benefit by having a presence on the World Wide Web.

"These days having a web presence is as important as having a phone, a phone listing or a fax machine". 
Smart Money Magazine.


It doesn't have to be expensive ....

For as little as $399 you can have a web presence with one page that shows your company logo, contact information and brief description of your service.  Check out our Web Packages and Pricing information.

lowershore.net specializes in Search Engine Optimization

We have a team of web designers that can build a site that looks professional and generates traffic.  We individually submit your site to all major search engines, and embed tags and keywords that help the engines find your site. 

If you've been thinking it's time to get a presence on the web, we guarantee a fair, affordable website with excellent service.  We can have your site up and running in less than 14 days.

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Three costs to having a website .....

Building the Site
A web developer designs and builds the site with a software program.  The entire site is saved as a series of files.  Cost runs anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands.  Check out lowershore.net's pricing.

Domain Name
This is the address where surfers find your site -   www.yourcompanyname.com
Names are subject to availability as no two names can be used twice.  To find out if the name you want is available visit www.register.com
Cost is $35 per year.

Once you have your site built and have secured a domain name, you must pay to have a server "host" or hold the site files so they can be accesses by web surfers.  Lowershore.net offers a hosting package that includes 5 email addresses and one hour per month FREE maintenance of your site.  Costs start as low as $15.00 per month (charged in six month increments)

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