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Now Available!

eZine Services 

Lowershore.net is now offering eZine services.

An eZine is an online newsletter, you send by email that offers your prospect useful information in addition to links that drive them to your web site.

For example, a Real Estate Agency may send out an eZine that includes information on Home Improvements, Market Trends, or any subject to do with property.  Included in the newsletter would be links that drive the potential or existing client to the website.

The recipient of the eZine gets information that is useful, plus remembers that you and your services are available to them.  Communication is as close as the click of a mouse!

Lowershore.net will take your content, create a fast loading eZine with links, and even send it out to your email list.  We can also help with content development.


Real Estate Marketing Tool - See our House For Sale Websites

Real Estate Agent ezine
view a sample of one of our ezines

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Professional Web Design  lowershore.net - Maryland

Web Packages start at $399

All packages include the following:

bulletProfessional Web Design with Search Engine Optimization
bulletFree unlimited consultation 
bulletFree estimates Free hosting for 6 months with lowershore.net extension
bulletTwo hours competitive analysis
bulletFree submits to all major search engines
bullet1 hour per month free maintenance per month (6 months contract) 
bulletMembership in the lowershore.net Network

On-line Brochure - $399

Basic one-page presence on the web, with one image, company logo, contact information and service description.  Design and development of web site theme, custom - made background.
(One index page, one scanned image, logo, contact information and upload to host. )

Small Business Site - $699
Best Value - recommended

Same services as the On-line Brochure Package with four additional pages, and limited graphic and textual content. This package includes all features of the ON-LINE BROCHURE plus .....

bulletIndex page set-up with navigation structure
bulletUp to 7 secondary pages
bulletUp to 10 scanned, edited, optimized images
bulletSearch Engine Optimization
bulletSite Tracking Information (how many hits, what pages are hit most)
bulletFree support materials on how to maximize the power of your website

Flash intro - additional $350

Advanced Business Web - $1200 +

Uniquely designed website developed for small businesses who crave greater web presence for selling limited numbers of products online, in addition to company information.  This package includes all services featured in SMALL BUSINESS SITE  plus ......

bullet35 secondary pages
bulletUp to 75 scanned, edited, optimized images
bullet10 hours custom graphic work
bullet5 + scripts / applets (counter, forms, shopping cart, current date, etc.
bulletStatic, animated and FLASH promotional banners
bulletSearch Engine Optimization



lowershore.net will custom design a multimedia introduction fitting to your site.  The "Flash Into" would be the first page in your site and present your company to the user with a special flare.  Flash intros include photos, text and can also include sound.  

 Lowershore.net Falsh Intro

HOSTING PACKAGE- $15.00 per month 

Hosting package includes 100 MG space, 1000 MG bandwidth, up to 7 email addresses and 1 hour free maintenance monthly.  Your first six months FREE if hosted under lowershore.net domain.  Hosting is billed in 6 month increments.


These are the main packages.  For ADDITIONAL PRICING and web services, click here.

  Pricing List

 Sunset on the Tangier Sound

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Did you know?

When you purchase any package from lowershore.net, you receive 1 hour free maintenance on your site every month for six months.

What does that mean?

If you need to make a minor change, add an image, adjust a price, delete a fact  ... there is no charge.  Simply call us and we'll make the changes.

Another fact ......

lowershore.net will host your website with prices starting at  $15.00 per month.  Hosting package includes up to seven email addresses and one hour free maintenance to your site per month.



One more fact .....

lowershore.net also offers domain name registration for $35 per year (pending availability. 

All Lowershore.net websites come with up to 10 email addresses and site stat tracking ability.  Additional features can include Mailing List capability and Newsletter outlines.




House for Sale Websites

Owners - Sell your house fast

Agents - Give your listing more exposure

House for Sale Websites give your property its own web page with free hosting for 3 months.

Package includes:

bullet5 pages
bulletmultiple images
bulletunique web address
bulletFREE hosting
bulletweb traffic statistics

Cost - $299

Get a House for Sale Website

View our House for Sale Sites

House for Sale Eastern Shore


Historic House For Sale




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